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Back in 2006, I broke my left femur in a car accident. After several surgeries I was put on opioid pain medications for chronic pain for over four years. After figuring out quite quickly that addiction is indeed a real thing, I learned how mentally and physically dependent on the drugs I had become. After a long and arduous cycle of relapse, I finally feel I have conquered my demons, and wanted to provide some sort of support for anyone affected by addiction. So I started this podcast. Feel free to share, share, share! You can also help support the show by visiting our paypal donation portal at and at our Patreon page at

Never Quit Quitting.

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Jul 23, 2018

Many countries around the globe, including Canada have begun setting up programs where patients can come in and get a prescription for clean, unadulterated heroin. 

The idea behind this would be that these addicts no longer have to purchase Heroin on the streets which may be tainted with deadly fentanyl or ever worse substances, and thus lower the overdose rates. 

Along with this, getting these addicts into a clinical setting will increase the likely hood that they will attain full on rehabilitation and recovery guidance. 

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